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Control and Instrumentation

Weishaupt boiler data communication interface is a system that provides both monitoring and control of single or multiple boilers and ancillary devices. System parameters, set points, status, etc., are adjusted and vissually monitored via a touch screen. The system works in conjunction with the Weishaupt W-FM linkage-less burner control system and is capable of providing multiple key boiler, burner and system control functions.

  • Everything from one source: Weishaupt burners and electrical systems are perfectly matched to one another before they leave the factory. The result: Safety, high efficiency and minimal emissions.
  • Individual solutions: Large systems can be individually designed and adapted due to the modular design of the Weishaupt equipment.
  • Patented multi-boiler control system: The Weishaupt multi-boiler control system saves energy and reduces emission levels permanently and reliably. The intelligent control system reduces the load on the burner and the burner start-up processes, corrects instabilities and faults immediately, and extends the life of the system. A further advantage is that individual generators can easily be incorporated into complex generator circuits. Furthermore, condensing boilers with hydraulic diverters do not exhibit any loss of efficiency.
  • Perfect service: Weishaupt has a extensive network of branch offices and can offer you an extensive service from planning, via commissioning to the maintenance of your system.
  • Remote accessibility: System and burner information can be easily accessed from a PC at any time from remote locations via the Internet or LAN.

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