Gas, oil and dual fuel burners
Large burners

Durability for the demands of large plant

Safe, reliable, attractively priced: The legendary gas and oil burners of the Weishaupt monarch range established the outstanding reputation of Weishaupt burners. They burn gas and/or oil.

  • Optimum combustion figures: All Weishaupt burners are fitted with digital combustion management as standard for economic operation and easy operation and servicing.
  • Enormous range of applications: Burners from the Weishaupt monarch range fire hot water boilers, steam boilers and modern high-capacity boilers between 200,000 BTU/hr and 37,000,000 BTU/hr
  • Quiet operation: Aerodynamically arranged air components ensure the fuel/air mixing noise is kept to a minimum. Rotor and fan are dynamically balanced.
  • Excellent serviceability: All components, such as the fuel and air control system, are clearly arranged and easily accessible. Burners can be hinged open to the left or right.
  • Long life: More than 50 years of experience and development work have gone into Weishaupt burner technology. Only the best materials are used in manufacture.
  • Swirl flame (short flame) version: Certain burner sizes are also available in short flame version with up to 50% reduced flame length should application requires it
  • Fuel: Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are suitable for use with #2 light oil and low sulphur oil, as well as #2 light oil containing up to 10% bio components, fuel B5 and B10.

Weishaupt. That's reliability.