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WM-series monarch® burners (190 - 37,500 MBTU/h)

Weishaupt's outstanding reputation for quality is built on the back of its monarch® series burners. The current range is equipped with the latest digital technology.


WM-G30 gas burner WM-G10 gas burner WM-L30 oil burner

Weishaupt's outstanding reputation for quality is built on the back of its monarch® series burners. The current range is equipped with the latest digital technology.

Outstanding price/performance ratio: Digital technology, modular design and the latest combustion technologies make Weishaupt monarch® burners an all-round good investment.

Versatile: The burners fire hot water boilers, steam boilers, air heaters and various commercial-industrial applications up to 37,500 MBTU/h.

Operator-friendly design: All components, such as for fuel and air regulation are clearly arranged and readily accessible.

Particularly quiet operation: An innovative fan unit and the burner's aerodynamic internal construction minimizes noise generation.

Simple, universal construction: All components have plugged connections. The burners can be hinged open to the left or right-hand side.

Suitable for bio-fuels: Weishaupt oil and dual-fuel burners are generally suitable for use with #2 fuel oil, low-sulphur fuel oil as well as fuel oil /bio-oil blends (up to 10 % bio-oil)

Future-proof: Digital combustion management enables communication with other systems thanks to ModBUS connection. This makes remote burner monitoring, setting, and diagnosis possible, as well as facilitating the integration of the burner with a building management system.

Special versions: Weishaupt develops and builds burners for almost any application - including vertical firing.


Weishaupt monarch® WM10 burners • flexible application
Weishaupt monarch® WM10 burners • flexible application
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Weishaupt monarch® WM20 burners • compact and powerful
Weishaupt monarch® WM20 burners • compact and powerful
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Weishaupt monarch® WM30 burners • highly efficient and versatile
Weishaupt monarch® WM30 burners • highly efficient and versatile
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Weishaupt monarch® WM50 burners • powerful and versatile
Weishaupt monarch® WM50 burners • powerful and versatile
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Vertically firing monobloc burners
Vertically firing monobloc burners
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WM-GS, S10-30 monarch® burners - for special applications
WM-GS, S10-30 monarch® burners - for special applications
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Optimising multi-boiler plant
Optimising multi-boiler plant
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Weishaupt combustion managers
Weishaupt combustion managers
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Patented Weishaupt multiflam technology allows lower emission values on larger applications.

The core of this technology is a specially designed mixing head assembly, which provokes internal fluegas recirculation. Flame temperature is therefore lowered and generation of Nitrogen oxydes can be reduced. The NOx values are comparable to those typically reached by smaller compact burners.

Good Cost to Performance ratio: Additional external items such external flue gas recirculation system are only required, when compliance with market specific Ultra lowNOx values is required.

Optimum combustion: The mixing head assembly distributes fuel to multiple nozzles. Combustion process takes place via primary nozzle and secondary nozzles which are concentrically placed. The primary flame generates a stable, supporting flame for the entire firing range.

Allround purpose: Combined output rating for various Weishaupt multiflam burner series ranging from 340 to 78,500 MBH.

Digital combustion manager: The most modern technology controls fuel and air supplies and is also responsible for optimum combustion values.

Long Lifetime: Years long experiences and R&D works backup Weishaupt burner’s technology. Only the best materials are used for manufacturing.

Modern fuels: Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are generally compatible with light oil #2, low sulphur #2 light oil as well as #2 light oil with up to 10% bio content (B10).


NOx-Emission less than 15 ppm can be achieved with Weishaupt Premix technology.

The principle: the premix process with following combustion on the flame tube's surface has been utilized on condensing unit in low capacity range for years. Thanks to continuous research and development works at Weishaupt, the same technology can now be applied for larger capacity. The Low NOx burner with Premix technology (PLN burner series) and NOx emission less than 15 ppm are the result.

New Mixing assembly: Decisive factor for surface combustion technology is a homogeneous mixture of gas and air. Therefore a completely new developed mixing assembly is used. An important feature is the separate introduction of gas and air, which will be mixed together only in the flame tube. The uniform mixing can be achieved by having gas flow through the gas distributor and combustion air through a swirl plate.

The combustion: The pressurized gas air mixture permeates the tiny mesh of metallic woven surface of burner’s flametube and will get combusted on the surface. The layer of flame developed on the surface has flame temperature of less than 2,190 F (1,200 C) and inhibits the generation of thermal NOx. NOx values less than 15 ppm for medium size burners have now become reality.

Universality:A major advantage of this technology is the requirement for combustion chamber geometry. The PLN burners can be utilized in applications with very tight combustion chambers.

Digital Combustion manager: In reference to turndown ratio, the PLN burners are comparable with other Weishaupt burners equipped with electronic fuel air ratio combustion manager W-FM50, W-FM100 and W-FM200. Turndown ratio of up to 7:1 is possible.


Weishaupt O2 trim and VSD at Potsdam University

For the University of Potsdam in Golm, one of Germany's foremost research centres for mathematics and the natural sciences, the careful use of resources and energy is not a purely theoretical matter. The optimisation and expansion of the district heating station to include a Weishaupt G50 burner with O2 trim and variable speed drive, a WM-GL10 dual-fuel burner, and a boiler sequencing system was an opportunity to put such good ideas into practice.

Berlin UniPotsdam aussen
Berlin UniPotsdam innen

Weishaupt at the opera

Two Weishaupt WM-G10 burners are keeping temperatures at the Dusseldorf Opera House at a constant level despite fluctuating conditions. No mean feat, since even the number of visitors (ranging from 0 during rehearsals to up to 1300 during a performance) can massively affect the heat demand. Control technology regulates the eight ventilation and air-conditioning units that provide 156,700 m³ of air at the right temperature for visitors, musicians, and their instruments.

Neuss Rheinoper aussen
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