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Ultra-low-NOx PLN-version gas burners (up to 8,530 MBTUH/ 2,500 kW)

The new PLN-version burners stand ready for use in situations where the very lowest of emission levels are being demanded. PLN stands for Premix Low NOx – a system that combines premixing with surface-stabilised combustion.

A significant advantage of this type of combustion system is that it can be used on appliances with particularly small combustion chambers, as well as with more typical boilers

Stabilised surface combustion relies on an homogeneous gas/air mixture. For that reason, a completely new mixing assembly was developed for the PLN-version burners. A key feature is the separated gas and air feeds, with the two media not being brought together before the burner tube.

The gas/air mix, which is under pressure, permeates the microweave alloy mat and combusts at its surface. The flame carpet thereby created has flame temperatures below 2,190 F/ 1,200 °C and so the formation of thermal NOx is inhibited. NOx emission levels below 15 ppm are now also a reality for medium-capacity burners.

Weishaupt’s PLN-version premix burners also have similar turndowns to their forced-draught stablemates. The electronic compound regulation provided by the W-FM 50, W-FM 100, and W-FM 200 combustion managers can achieve turndown ratios of 7:1 with these burners.