Patented Weishaupt multiflam technology allows lower emission values on larger applications.

The core of this technology is a specially designed mixing head assembly, which provokes internal fluegas recirculation. Flame temperature is therefore lowered and generation of Nitrogen oxydes can be reduced. The NOx values are comparable to those typically reached by smaller compact burners.

Good Cost to Performance ratio: Additional external items such external flue gas recirculation system are only required, when compliance with market specific Ultra lowNOx values is required.

Optimum combustion: The mixing head assembly distributes fuel to multiple nozzles. Combustion process takes place via primary nozzle and secondary nozzles which are concentrically placed. The primary flame generates a stable, supporting flame for the entire firing range.

Allround purpose: Combined output rating for various Weishaupt multiflam burner series ranging from 340 to 78,500 MBH.

Digital combustion manager: The most modern technology controls fuel and air supplies and is also responsible for optimum combustion values.

Long Lifetime: Years long experiences and R&D works backup Weishaupt burner’s technology. Only the best materials are used for manufacturing.

Modern fuels: Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are generally compatible with light oil #2, low sulphur #2 light oil as well as #2 light oil with up to 10% bio content (B10).

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