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Glossary. Heating technology
explained simply.

All about heating. From A to Z.

When it comes to heating, there are a few technical terms that need to be explained. You can find everything you need to know here. In alphabetical order.

Dew point

The temperature threshold below which the Water vapour  in the flue gas condenses (Heat of condensation  and Condensate ).

DHW cylinder

Equipment (cylinder) which stores heat efficiently. The internal surface, which is in contact with potable water, is often made of enamel, thus ensuring maximum hygiene. Energy losses are minimal due to excellent heat insulation.

DHW heater

Equipment that transfers heat from the Heating circuit  water to the domestic hot-water supply for showers and baths (DHW cylinder ).

Digital burner technology

A burner's sequence of operations and safety monitoring are controlled by modern microprocessor technology. This enables the operator to access a large amount of information both quickly and easily. The digital system also provides service technicians with a lot of additional information, enabling safe and rapid servicing.


The digital Display  on a control unit. LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) are commonly used, as they are able to Display  information very clearly and comprehensively.