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WTC-OB 18-B oil-fired condensing boiler

The new WTC-OB 18-B oil-fired condensing boiler is equipped with a factory-preset Weishaupt purflam® blue burner. The burner switches between low fire (12 kW) and high fire (18 kW) in response to heat demand and thanks to its two-stage operation is particularly economical in its fuel oil consumption.

The high-capacity sand-cast aluminium-silicone heat exchanger is fully insulated and returns an annual energy efficiency of up to 92 %, which equates to Class A energy efficiency. Large free cross-sections and accessibility from the front allow easy maintenance of the boiler without the removal of a water chamber.

The Weishaupt Thermo Condens oil-fired condensing boiler is approved for use with low-sulphur gas oil (Heizöl EL schwefelarm, per DIN 51603-1) and bio-oil/gas oil blends up to B10 (Heizöl EL A Bio 10, per DIN 51603-6) The addition of ash-forming additives is not permitted. The low sulphur content of the fuels (max. 50 mg/kg) is better for the environment and keeps heating surfaces cleaner for longer.

Operation is very quiet, thanks to the combined flue gas and air inlet silencer integrated into the boiler design. Beneath the boiler cladding there is also a maintenance-friendly oil filter and air separator combination.

The reliable and economical operation of the WTC-OB oil-fired condensing boiler also depends on its professional and careful commissioning. The controller helps in this, as it is equipped as standard with an integrated commissiong assistant, which controls the process chronologically. It begins with the venting of the hydraulics and the oil line and ends with the optimisation of burner low and high fire.

The modular WCM controller system utilises a common platform which provides benefits to both the user and the heating contractor. There are specially matched modules for a wide range of applications that communicate with one another via eBUS, thereby ensuring a comfortable supply of heat as needed.