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WWP LS split heat pump (up to 16 kW)

The new Weishaupt WWP LS split heat pump is available for four different outputs from 8 to 16 kW output. The units are notable for their high efficiency, with a COP of 3.8 (at A2/W35 per EN 14511). Additionally, they are quiet and, thanks to their intuitive controls, easy to operate.

Electronic BiFlow expansion valve
The electronic BiFlow expansion valve with 490 stages and electronic fast start (≈2 min.) also provides increased efficiency. There is a single valve for heating, cooling, or defrosting.

BlueFin evaporator
The outdoor unit has an evaporator with a special BlueFin coating for increased protection against corrosion and less dirt retention. The pearl effect results in improved defrosting. The defrosting function is self-learning.

Double rotating piston compressor
The double rotating piston compressor with quick-response inverter ensures exceptionally quiet operation, rapid achievement of setpoints, and impressive durability. It is equipped with high-quality, noise-suppressing thermal insulation and has sound-insulated bearings.

High-efficiency fan
The fan's energy-saving brushless motor guarantees high efficiency and durability. The shape of the fan blades is aerodynamically optimised for large air volumes.

Silent mode
A special silent mode throttles the fan speed during a freely definable period (e.g. overnight) so that the split heat pump operates even more quietly. This does not impair the basic heat supply

Condensate tray without electric heating
Condensate is drained away via precisely positioned holes, guaranteeing reliable operation down to -20 °C. This obviates the need for electric heating and its associated power consumption.

Hydraulic unit – heating components
The hydraulic unit (indoor unit) contains, as standard: Condenser with diffusion-resistant insulation, expansion tank, safety set with venting system, sludge separating system, high-efficiency circulation pump (Energy Class A) for heating and DHW with leakproof three-way valve.

Hydraulic unit – electric components
The hydraulic unit contains the following electric components: Second heat generator for heating and DHW, volume flow sensor, flow and return sensors, LED function bar and system control unit with high-quality colour display.

Simple, intuitive control
The new controller with colour display follows Weishaupt's proven "press and turn" principles. Thanks to the commissioning assistant, these have been considerably simplified and shortened. Setpoints are retrieved via clear-text messages.

Cooling as standard
Both quiet running and dynamic cooling are possible with the hiqh-quality standard equipment.