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The hydroplus® well system

When it comes to heat pumps, groundwater is the most efficient of all the energy sources.

A Weishaupt water-to-water heat pump system can supply up to five times as much heat energy as it consumes in electrical energy.

In order to achieve this it needs a professionally installed geothermal well, which will faciltate the long-term use of the groundwater heat source. This is where Weishaupt's subsidiary BauGrund Süd comes in. As Europe's leading near-surface geothermal energy company, it has the knowledge and capability needed to put forward transparent and dependable offers for geothermal well systems.

A hydroplus® system from Baugrund Süd combined with Weishaupt heat pump system is a solid investment.

Weishaupt has developed two sales aids that deal with the most important questions about the use of geothermal energy. They impart technical knowledge in an understandable way and enable a fair comparison of quotations. These practical sales tools – for probe and well systems – can be obtained from Weishaupt branch offices.