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Thermo Condens WTC-GW 32-B gas-fired condensing boiler

The new Thermo Condens WTC-GW 32-B has extended the output range of Weishaupt's new generation of gas-fired condensing boilers from 15 or 25 kW up to 32 kW.

The new Thermo Condens WTC-GW 32-B has extended the output range of Weishaupt's new generation of gas-fired condensing boilers from 15 or 25 kW up to 32 kW.

The new 32 kW unit simplifies communication between itself and the user, while its connections remain 100% backwards-compatible with the previous gas-fired condensing boilers. Installation and maintenance are easier than ever.

Hydraulic and mechanical components on the left, electronic components on the right
The vertical separation of functions means the individual components, such as the burner, heat exchanger, pump, etc. are clearly arranged and readily accessible for maintenance. There is a watertight separation between the hydraulic and electronic components.

Dead plumb, guaranteed
The new gas-fired condensing boiler can be installed and commissioned without any problems. The protective styrofoam packaging has two practical grip holes, which allow the boiler to be easily lifted up to the mounting bracket. The boiler can be quickly hung dead plumb, and even shifted 10 mm horizontally or vertically, thanks to the installer-friendly mounting bracket and the two-point levelling mechanism. This is particularly helpful in everyday practice when holes are seldom drilled into the wall with millimetre precision.

Outstanding efficiency thanks to high-capacity heat exchanger
The boiler has a premium quality, high-capacity sand-cast aluminium-silicone heat exchanger. It is notable for its high heat conductivity (6.7 times better than stainless steel), efficiency, robustness, and durability. The surface of the heat exchanger has a well-thought-out nubbed structure that draws the largest amount of energy from the combustion gases. The result is an annual energy efficiency of 94 %, which equates to Class A.

SCOT combustion control with extended turndown range
The self-calibrating Weishaupt SCOT-System ensures combustion is always optimal even when gas constituents vary. The new 32 kW boiler can turn all the way down to 3.8 kW. A big advantage when partial load operation is becoming ever more important.

Assistant for fast commissioning
The commissioning assistant will check some constraints and then suggest the available hydraulic variants. Once the desired hydraulics have been selected, many of the control parameters will be preset. That simplifies commissioning and saves time.

Modular energy management system (WEM)
Weishaupt's modular energy management system (WEM) is universally employable and expandable – even with complicated systems. The standard controls in a gas-fired condensing boiler encompass a heating circuit and a DHW circuit. Up to 24 additional heating circuits can be added. Each additional heating circuit is connected to the central controller via an expansion module.

Easy operation via app or browser
Thanks to its standard LAN port and the Weishaupt Energy Management Portal, the new gas-fired condensing boiler can communicate easily and securely over the internet with computers, smartphones, or tablets. The current high security standards are adhered to. Of course, the boiler can also be controlled by an optional room controller.