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Record year for energy technology: Weishaupt's growth outperforms the market environment in 2018

Success with heat pumps, gas-fired condensing boilers, and other heating and energy solutions: The Weishaupt Group had a record year in 2018, posting a turnover of €635m. The growth was spurred on by the development of new products for efficient heating systems. Weishaupt has positioned itself very strongly for the future with considerable investments totalling some €420m over the last ten years. The group will exhibit all of the products and services of its three businesses, Weishaupt, BauGrund Süd, and Neuberger Gebäudeautomation at ISH, the industry's leading international trade fair, in Frankfurt am Main from 11 to 15 March 2019.

The Weishaupt Group, a system provider in energy-related fields, increased its international turnover in 2018 to €635m, an increase of seven percent compared to the previous year. Growth in its home market, Germany, was even higher at ten percent. This means that the business, which was founded in 1932, has developed significantly better than the average in the market environment. The group of companies, which employs 3580 worldwide, comprises Max Weishaupt GmbH (heat generators from heat pumps for single-family dwellings to large industrial burners), BauGrund Süd (drilling for near-surface geothermal energy), and Neuberger Gebäudeautomation (building automation).

Heat pumps from Weishaupt were particularly popular. The number of units sold in Germany was up 22 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year. This reflects a trend in the market for heating technology. Heat pumps were the most frequently installed heat generators in approved new residential buildings in Germany for the first time in 2017. Since 2007, Weishaupt has built up a wide range of heat pumps that use environmental energy from the air, the ground, and from groundwater. In addition,Weishaupt Group company BauGrund Süd has the ability to drill boreholes and wells in order to tap geothermal energy from the ground and from groundwater.

With a twelve percent increase in the number of units sold in 2018, condensing boiler products are also showing above-average growth for the industry in Germany.

Positive look back
Company head, Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Weishaupt, gave a positive summary of the long-term entrepreneurial activity of the Weishaupt Group. "The very good growth today also goes back to the great continuity that has shaped all business areas over the past decades." The entrepreneur, who celebrated his 80th birthday in February 2019, continued, “Max Weishaupt GmbH with its expertise in energy technology is the core of today's group of companies. The integration of Neuberger in 1995 and BauGrund Süd in 2009, added the important business areas of building automation and geothermal energy. The group of companies as a whole has always benefited from the consistent development of all three business areas. This is ensured by the synergies between the individual companies. As a comprehensive system provider, these give us a unique position in the industry."

Investment in the future
The Weishaupt Group began a ten-year investment programme worth €420m in 2010. As part of this programme, the sales network, production facilities, logistics, and research and development are being strengthened. Most recently, the new logistics centre at the main plant in Schwendi began operating in 2018 – an investment of €30m. The next milestones will be the opening of the new North American headquarters in Canada and the construction of a completely new headquarters for BauGrund Süd. At the same time, the business is driving research and development into efficient energy technology further forward..

Partner to the heating trade
In addition to efficient and reliable products, the undertaking's partnership with the heating trade makes a significant contribution to its continued success, especially in Germany, said Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Thomas Weishaupt. “We keep getting reports of how important this attitude is for our customers. Representative surveys in the industry also show a very high level of customer satisfaction,” said the Weishaupt director. Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Thomas Weishaupt pointed to both the services around its own products, as well as the business's presence on the ground – it has 28 branch offices in Germany alone, all fully equipped and in their own buildings – as particularly important points for the heating trade.

„D"Trade customers receive the services they need for our products from the Weishaupt branch offices. This ranges from technical advice to practical product training." Weishaupt is therefore further strengthening its dense network of branches.

Weishaupt at ISH 2019
The Weishaupt Group will exhibit its complete range of energy technology, energy recovery, and energy management products and services at ISH, the industry's leading international trade fair, in Frankfurt am Main from 11 to 15 March 2019, where it has a 2600 m>sup>2 stand in the new Hall 12.0..

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