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The Weishaupt Group at ISH Energy 2019 in Frankfurt

The Weishaupt Group has a 2600 m2 stand in the new Hall 12.0 at the major international trade fair in Frankfurt, ISH Energy 2019, where it will present its extensive range of products and services to trade partners under the slogan "nearby & individual".

The Weishaupt Group has over 3500 employees and is a market leader for burners, condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar energy, and building automation.

Founded in 1932, the business is today structured as a holding. The Weishaupt Group comprises three companies under one roof that are active in the fields of Energy Technology (Weishaupt), Energy Recovery (BauGrund Süd), and Energy Management (Neuberger Gebäudeautomation).

The Weishaupt Group had a stand over 2600 m2 in the new Hall 12.0 at the major international trade fair ISH Energy 2019 in Frankfurt where, under the slogan "nearby & individual", it presented its extensive range of products and services for trade partners. The following product ranges from Weishaupt's three areas of business were all displayed:

Energy Technology:

  • Wall-hung gas-fired condensing boilers from 2 to 800 kW and their associated components
  • Free-standing gas-fired condensing boilers from 2 to 200 kW and their associated components
  • Free-standing oil-fired condensing boilers (up to 45 kW) and their associated components
  • Compact and highly efficient air, ground, and water-source heat pumps (up to 180 kW)
  • Split heat pumps (up to 16 kW)
  • Solar heating systems, solar components, and cylinders/stations
  • Control and remote control systems
  • Gas, oil, and dual-fuel burners with digital combustion management (up to 32 000 kW), also suitable for simultaneous firing from 1 MW
  • Numerous services for HVAC specialists and engineering consultants: Advice, design and project planning, ordering, delivery, installation/commissioning, and customer support

Energy Recovery:

  • geoplus® probe drilling
  • hydroplus® well drilling
  • Automatic quality control of the peripheral seal

Energy Management

  • BMS and building automation


1. Condensing technology

1.1 New: Thermo Condens WTC-GW 80/100-A gas-fired condensing boiler

The new WTC-GW 80/100-A gas-fired condensing boiler has extended the maximum output of Weishaupt's wall-hung condensing boilers from 60 kW up to 100 kW, or up to 800 kW when installed in a cascade.

The high quality of the new boiler begins with the housing. Thanks to the high-quality mounting bracket and the levelling mechanism the boiler can be hung dead plumb very quickly. The cable back panel allows for simple, tidy wiring, and the angled boiler cover ensures optimal accessibility. There is splashproof separation between the electronic components (right-hand side) and the hydraulic and mechanical components (left-hand side).

The boiler has a premium quality, high-capacity sand-cast aluminium-silicone heat exchanger. It is notable for its high heat conductivity (6.7 times better than stainless steel), efficiency, robustness, and durability. Generously sized cleaning ports make maintenance of the boiler straightforward.

The self-calibrating Weishaupt SCOT-System (Safety Combustion Technology) ensures combustion is always optimal even when gas constituents vary. The new boilers can turn all the way down to 14.4 kW (at 50/30 °C).

The commissioning assistant limits the available system configurations depending on the components connected. Only the applicable hydraulics have to be connected. Once that has been done, all parameters and switching outputs are set automatically. That simplifies commissioning, saves time, increases operational reliability, and prevents setting mistakes.

Weishaupt's modular energy management system (WEM) is universally employable and expandable – even with complicated systems. Thanks to its standard LAN port and the Weishaupt Energy Management Portal, the new gas-fired condensing boiler can communicate easily and securely over the internet with computers, smartphones, or tablets. The current high security standards are adhered to.

1.2 New: Thermo Condens WTC-OB B (20-35 kW) oil-fired condensing boiler

Following the introduction of the WTC-OB 18-B in 2018, the new-generation oil-fired condensing boiler is now also available with 25, 30 and 35 kW outputs. The new boilers are equipped with factory-preset Weishaupt purflam® blue burners.

The burners switch between low and high fire in response to the heat demand and are particularly economical in their fuel oil consumption.

The high-capacity sand-cast aluminium-silicone heat exchanger is fully insulated and returns an annual energy efficiency of up to 92 %, which equates to Class A energy efficiency. Large free cross-sections and accessibility from the front allow easy maintenance of the boiler.

Operation is very quiet, thanks to the combined flue gas and air inlet silencer integrated into the boiler design. Beneath the boiler cladding there is also a maintenance-friendly oil filter and air separator combination.


2. Heat pumps

2.1 New: BiBloc WWP LB (10 kW) air-to-water heat pump

The new Weishaupt Biblock WWP LB modulating air-to-water heat pump has a capacity range of 3 to 10 kW. It is notable for its extremely quiet and efficient operation as well as its modern and appealing outdoor unit. The new design of outdoor unit has an evaporator with a large 45 m2 absorber surface area and a special BlueFin coating for increased protection against corrosion. Aerodynamic aluminium louvres and owl wing-shaped ventilator blades ensure particularly quiet operation, with a sound pressure level of just 35 dB(A) even very close to the unit. That corresponds to the most stringent limits mandated by the Technical Instruction on Noise Abatement (TA Lärm) for residential and spa areas. The rapid response electronic expansion valve further increases efficiency.

The indoor unit houses a scroll compressor with a quick-response inverter that ensures exceptionally quiet operation, rapid achievement of setpoints, and impressive durability. The BiBloc heat pump can operate in outdoor temperatures as low as -22 °C and deliver flow temperatures up to 65 °C thanks to steam injection and the additional heat exchanger with electronic expansion valve. Standard equipment levels are high and include a venting system, sludge separation system, all fittings for cooling operation, and a volume flow sensor with integral heat metering, as well as a second heat generator for heating and hot water.

Intuitive operation of the new heat pump is effected via a system controller with colour display and LED function bar. The integrated commissioning assistant enables the HVAC technician to set the heat pump up quickly and easily.

2.2 New: Intuitive operation of all Weishaupt monobloc heat pumps

In future all of Weishaupt's monobloc heat pumps will be offered with intuitive control via a 4.3 inch colour touchscreen display with LED function bar. At the user level there is a simple heating/cooling function. Date/time; flow, DHW, and outdoor temperatures; heat pump status; and selected level are also indicated. The green LED function bar next to the touchscreen display confirms that the heat pump is operating correctly.


3. Cylinders and stations

3.1 New: WHI Apartment home station

The new, electronically controlled Weishaupt WHI Apartment home station combines heat transfer, DHW heating, and metering into a ready-to-install unit.

Ever more developers, consultants, and HVAC contractors are relying on home stations for new builds and existing buildings alike. This is due to their high level of DHW hygiene as well as their compatibility with condensing boilers and heat pumps – and all of that in a compact distribution module. They are typically used in apartment buildings or anywhere with high DHW hygiene requirements.


4. Gas, oil, and dual-fuel burners

4.1 New: VSD and O2 trim for W-series compact burners

Weishaupt is now offering energy-saving VSD and O2 trim on its W-series compact burners (up to 570 kW).

Equipping a burner fan motor with variable speed drive (VSD) results in a considerable reduction in electrical consumption (up to 70 %) and noise emissions (up to 9 dB(A)) and also provides for a softer start of the burner. O2 trim provides fuel savings, consistent combustion values, and safe monitoring.

4.2 New: Ultra-low NOx PLN and 4LN+FGR product range expansion

Weishaupt has further expanded its range of ultra-low NOx burners in response to the ever-stricter NOx-emission limits being mandated within the EU and in countries like China and the USA. Weishaupt has extended its range of PLN burners to include the WM-G30 gas burner (up to approx. 4200 kW). PLN stands for Premix Low NOx – a system that combines premixing with surface-stabilised combustion. A particular benefit of this type of combustion system is that it can be used on appliances with considerably smaller combustion chambers, as well as with more typical boilers, and that NOx emission values below 20 mg/kWh can be achieved. Weishaupt has also extended its range of 4LN-version low-NOx burners with flue gas recirculation (FGR), which can achieve NOx values below 30 mg/kWh (on gas), to include the WM-G50 gas burner (up to 11 000 kW) and the WM-GL20 (up to 2000 kW) and WKmono-GL80 (up to 17 000 kW) dual fuel burners. 4LN-version burners include an FGR system whose control components are integrated into the burner. Specially matched mixing assemblies and digital combustion management ensure that well-proven virtues like reliable ignition, high flame stability, and safe operation remain to the fore.


5. Building automation from Neuberger for the most demanding of jobs

Extensive information on the latest developments can be found at


6. Near-surface geothermal energy: The services offered by BauGrund Süd

6.1 The geoplus® geothermal probes

Geothermal energy is an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source. BauGrund Süd is Europe's leading near-surface geothermal energy business. Its competence and expertise allow it to put forward transparent and well-defined offers to builders and HVAC contractors.

A geoplus® geothermal probe from BauGrund Süd is always a complete project that includes all of the steps from the site analysis through to the connection to the heat pump system, including all of the costs.

6.2 The hydroplus® well system

Groundwater is the most efficient energy source that can be utilised by a heat pump. A Weishaupt water-to-water heat pump system can supply up to five times as much heat energy as it consumes in electrical energy. In order to achieve this it needs a professionally installed geothermal well, which will faciliitate the long-term use of the groundwater heat source. This is where Weishaupt's subsidiary BauGrund Süd comes in. As Europe's leading near-surface geothermal energy company, it has the knowledge and capability needed to put forward transparent and dependable offers for geothermal well systems.

6.3 Automatic quality control of the peripheral seal

The geoplus® geothermal probe from BauGrund Süd is now available with automatic quality control of the peripheral seal. The use of marked backfill material and a precise measurement technique verifies that the peripheral seal has been created correctly.

The peripheral seal is a very important detail of a geothermal probe installation. The space between the wall of the borehole and the probe is "injected" with a special material. The injection provides for an optimal thermal connection between the probe and the surrounding ground. The process also reliably prevents the unwanted connection of two groundwater-bearing layers, a so-called "hydraulic short circuit".

The most-encountered deficiencies of a geothermal probe system can be traced back to a deficient peripheral seal. Cost-cutting in this area is very much a false economy.