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New Weishaupt branch office in Regensburg

Max Weishaupt GmbH, one of the world's leading manufacturers of heating systems, heat pumps, and burners, has a branch office in Regensburg since 1993 with 28 employees responsible for marketing, sales, order processing, technical support, service, and customer care.

The new Weishaupt branch in Regensburg is directly connected to the A93 motorway and the B16 federal road.

The branch office's operational area encompasses the Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria administrative districts and the Ingolstadt region. It extends to the Schwandorf region in the north and to the Czech and Austrian borders in the east and the south. Customers north of a line through Mainburg, Landshut, and Burghausen are looked after by the neighbouring Weishaupt branch office in Munich.
A considerable expansion of the Weishaupt product range and the good commercial growth of the Regensburg office meant that a new buiildng that would be able to meet these growing demands was now necessary. The branch office's new premises were built in the “Am Ammerholz” commercial zone in Pentling, southwest of Regensburg, which has direct connections to the A93 motorway and B16 trunk road.
The generously proportioned new building has a 740-square metre warehouse that ensures customers can be supplied quickly and a 790-square metre office area. The latter includes a 250-square metre training centre for the theoretical and practical training of skilled tradespeople and service technicians. The practical training facilities are fully equipped with working products, which include free-standing and wall-hung gas and oil-fired condensing boilers from 2 to 120 kW, ground-to-water heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps between 2 and 12 kW, combi-cylinder, fresh-water station, as well as a 70 kW test firing chamber for burner training.
The new building is heated and cooled by a reversible 46 kW brine-to-water heat pump and a 32 kW gas-fired condensing boiler. All of the building's systems are regulated and controlled by a building management system from Weishaupt's susbisiary, Neuberger. BauGrund Süd, also part of the Weishaupt Group, undertook the surveying and subsoil analysis of the site and drilled the holes for the geothermal probes (9 x 100 m).
With its new branch office building in Regensburg, Weishaupt is again demonstrating intensive development of its customer focus, its customer training provision, and its technical marketing competence.
Weishaupt's new branch offices in Hamburg, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Berlin, Neuss, and Stuttgart are similarly fully equipped.